Microblading/Combo brows

Let us create the brows of your dreams!

By using feather-like strokes, we can fill in and shape your eyebrows so they suit your face shape and features perfectly.


Initial session:  $300

Perfecting session:  $150

6-12 month touch up:  $200

12-18 month touch up:  $250

18-24 month touch up:  $300


If you're tired of constantly having to reapply your lipstick, or if you just want to give your face a bit of extra colour, we can fill in and line your lips so you'll always be looking your best!


Lip Line & Blend Initial session:  $250

Lip Line & Blend perfecting session:  $100

Lips Full Initial session:  $500

Lips Full perfecting session:  $150

Lash Enhancement

Wake up with beautifully defined eyes.

Our subtle, natural looking semi-permanent eyeliner is designed to make sure your eyes pop, 24/7!


lnitial session:  $200

Perfecting session:  $100